mahilig ka ba sa talong?

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Talong Girl
Birthday: July 8, 1992
Age: 13 1/3
Height 5'3"
Hair Color: Green
Eye Color: Brown
Educational Background: accelerated twice in elementary but got tired of studying after learning about skateboarding so kaklase na nya si talong boy sa summer classes para makahabol.
Hobbies: skateboarding, watching encantadia, collects seashells, sketching and painting.
type of music: PUNK! kasi pankista!, Emo!
Favorite Pet: Talong dog
Secrets: sleeps in the morning in the toilet before going to school.
other secrets: throws away all her underwear every end of the year but keeps her checkered ones autographed by Brandon Boyd of incubus when they had their concert in manila.
other other secrets: practices ninjutsu (self-study)
Motto in life: If you cant beat them, poison them.
favorite song: screaming infidelities by dashboard confessional & track 5 of the ambassadors' 1st album.
Favorite actress: helena bonham carter & vilma santos
Favorite actor: richard gutierez & Victor neri

Profile: Name: Talong Boy
Birthday: August 8, 1992
Age: 13 1/4

Height: 5'7" (sabi ng lola nyang malabo ang mata)

Hair Color: Green

Eye Color: Black

Educational Background: A struggling Summer class Student sa English, Chemistry, Math, at Home Economics and livelihood education (H.E.L.E.)
Hobbies: collecting pinoy romance komiks (secretly) collecting pinoy horoscope comics (lantaran) collecting gagambang kuryente at garapitik.
type of music: reggae, ska, rock, metal, club, OPM.

Favorite Pet: Talong Dog

Secrets: can sleep while standing in a corner. can finish a donut in 1 second.
other secrets: stalks ms. calinao every after lunchbreak but he doesnt know why.

other other secrets: smells his socks after taking them off.

Motto in life: Practice makes perfect, but if symptoms persist just do it.

favorite song: Soundtrack of Mulawin "ikaw nga" by southboarder & Wolfgangs' "Mata ng Diyos".
Favorite actress: Anne curtis and Bianca Gonzales

Favorite actor: Fernando poe Jr. and Dick israel

Thursday, October 27, 2005